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Game field painted in memory of # 56 Brad Williams

Game 7 -- Homecoming --  2005 Xavier Football  --  Fri., Oct. 7


          Over 300 man-hours, all by volunteers, made the field awesome
          for the Homecoming game, which was attended by many family
          members of Brad Williams.  A large booth in the press box was
          set aside for Joel and Deanna Williams and their relatives.
          Brad Williams is the student-athlete who died Sept. 28, 2005.

          Joel was one of the regular members of the paint crew, which numbers
          usually about 18-20 guys.  They paint the field at Xavier each week
          throughout the football season.  He was one of the many who helped
          paint the field 3 times in 4 days to get it ready for the 10-7-05 game.
          It took that much work to get the field looking great, in memory of
          Bradley, for the Homecoming game.

          Regarding the game field, there were 8 shades of paint -- bright white,
          artic white, navy, Hawk blue, gray, silver, black, and red.  And,
          about 320 gallons of paint made the field look, well, like no other
          high school field in the state. Normally we use 160-180 gallons,
          but with heavy rain predicted (rain washes away water-base
          field marking paint), we wanted it to look sharp for the
          Homecoming game and to honor Brad.

          The 10-yard by 10-yard "X" at mid-field was 2 colors:  Hawk blue
          and bright white.  And, a helmet -- covering almost 8-yards by 8-yards
          in 5-color artwork specially designed for this week -- was added for
          this game in memory of Brad

Check out how you can help out by joining the paint crew!!


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Oct. 8, 2005

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